Thursday, January 5, 2012

Articles on Infertility

So it recently came to my attention that an article I wrote for my church's magazine a long time ago was published online.  I really don't tell you this to get attention for myself.  There are other articles written by others who have struggled with infertility.  And maybe something they, or even little old me, have written might be of some help.  I wrote this article prior to our adoption,  (it was a long process to have it approved and then published--the published date was this last spring)

Here are the links to the site
Faith and Infertility  and then if you click on the link at the top under additional experiences it takes you to the link below
Faith and Infertility an Online Ensign Exclusive
And this is the link to my article:  Mending My Broken Heart

There you go, some heavy reading material.  Not for the faint of heart  :)

Christmas pics

I just posted an update on my other blog if you want to see pics from Christmas.