Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Showing off his teeth

I finally managed to get a decent picture of my little guy's two bottom teeth.  They may be small and cute, but beware, if you stick your finger in his mouth you will learn that they are also very sharp.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Would you like some juice?

I like this picture I took of my little guy today.  I know it's nothing fancy, but it reminds me of the fun time we had together today.   My little guy has a new hobby.  It involves chasing the empty juice bottle as it rolls around under my kitchen floor, and then occasionally trying to see if he can get any juice out of it even though the lid is on.  He is so much fun to have around.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy Week

Well I had another busy week.  My little guy is quite the explorer these days.  We have been working on baby proofing our house, which will probably be an ongoing process for the next while.
Just when we thought his crib was low enough, he learned how to stand up in it.
My little guy likes to shove anything and everything in his mouth.  I prefer him to stuff food in it, but he likes the non edible items as well.

But the funniest is how he likes to lick everything.  He especially likes to lick the kitchen floor and refrigerator.  It is hilarious.  But it also requires me to try to keep my house spick and span--not an easy task.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The pain of miscarriage

Last night I read about my dear friend Augusta's miscarriage.  As sadness filled my heart I have thought what can I do?  What can I say?  How can I convey my love and concern for her, her husband, and her friend who donated a precious egg who are all mourning this loss?

I suppose I will simply write that my heart goes out to her and to all who had such hope and joy in the arrival of their child.  As I mourned this loss I returned to the age old question of:  Why?  To which I say, I don't know.  I only hope there will be people close to Augusta and her husband who can be sensitive and kind to them during this painful time in their life.

I did read a few articles from my church's website this morning about miscarriage, that helped me learn more about the pain it brings.  I also read an article about one woman's story of what she learned while bedridden during a pregnancy that ultimately resulted in a miscarriage.  I will add those links should anyone like to read them.

Easing the pain of miscarriage: How can you help when a loved one is suffering?
The unconfined heart: sometimes our struggles increase our ability to care

Augusta has such a big heart and has been a dear friend to me on my blog.  In fact, while she is mourning her loss, she still visited my blog to comment on a recent post about my little boy.  She is strong, compassionate, and kind.  I hope you will visit her blog and let her know you care about her.