Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coming out of Retirement

I'm back!!  Did you miss me?  

I kindof feel like Michael Jordan or Brett Farve.  Announcing my retirement from blogging, only to immediately have a change of heart.  Granted, my return to blogging will not get nearly as much press as the previously mentioned sports stars did, but nevertheless I am glad to be back.

Why the exit?
Why the return?

Brevity in blogging has never been my strong suit, but I will try to do my best.

I stopped blogging because…
            -I didn’t want to throw salt in anyone’s wounds here in the IF world as I gushed about my good fortune of becoming a mother and how much I love it.
            -I'm kind of a private person and keep a lot to myself.  Therefore, it has always seemed a little strange to think that anyone—even acquaintances (it took me about 5 minutes to spell that word correctly) or one of the handful of people that leave a bad taste in my mouth could read my blog and know all about me without my knowing about it.  And now that I have a child, the internet and cyberspace seem even bigger, thus adding to my reluctance to share very much.
           -Also, very few people IRL know about this blog, and I have worried that if people I know IRL stumble upon my blog, they might be hurt that I didn't tell them about it.  To which I reply, I meant no harm, this is just a place where I ramble.  Now that you have found me, you are welcome to stay.  

I had decided to return because…
            -I like you guys
            -Recent blog posts have helped me to see that maybe I still have some words of wisdom and wit that I can write that might help new moms, experienced moms, those still struggling to build their families, or those just struggling with other difficulties that come our way in life. 
            -I don’t want the vastness and unknown part of cyberspace to negatively affect my desires to reach out and befriend those of you with whom I can only do so thanks to the amazing technology of the internet.

To there you have it.  I’m back.  Don’t know how often I will write, or how often I will be able to read your blogs, (I have a wild and wiggly toddler at the moment, who every time I am on the computer feels compelled to get me off of it.  And I am glad he does, because spending time with him is so much more rewarding then pinning crafts and cleaning tips on virtual boards, only to never do them.  Guilty)

I try to write in my journal every other night.  I write “one line a day”, but it often is more than one line.  Also, I do it on my i.Phone, so those lines are quite short, thus I write about 20 lines a day.  I started doing it a few months ago, because it seemed like El Guapo was doing so many fun and exciting things, and while I was sure I would never forget them, I would hate to be wrong and not have a backup plan.  And I never quite got around to putting the pen to the paper, or sitting at the computer and writing.  So writing on my phone works pretty well for me.  Anyhow, since I didn’t do it tonight, I will share with you some of my favorite and memorable moments from today.

Went to the park twice.  Lucky guy, lucky me.  Seriously, the weather was amazing, felt like I was on a tropical vacation with a  nice breeze.  I could imagine the ocean lapping on the beach and the palm trees swaying.  Loved it.  Anyhow, (see it is much longer than “one line”), El Guapo knows some sign language – more and please are his favorites.  Mine too; he is so cute when he does them.  :D Maybe I will share a video of him doing it.  Anyhow, so he did it today while on the teeter totter. He does it so fast and it just makes me laugh. 

Traumatizing moment of the day.  I ran over a squirrel.  I was so traumatized, I had just run over a squirrel--eww.  It darted out so fast, I didn’t have a chance to avoid it.  I heard and felt the car crunch and thump over it and then while I was freaking out, I looked out the rear view window and saw the squirrel twitching as I drove away.  Bleh.  I felt terrible.  Meanwhile I had just called my hubby on the phone and he picked up while I was freaking out—he was sure confused.  That was the first and hopefully last time I contribute to the road kill on the streets.  Just thinking about it makes me get all squirmy. 

At times El Guapo tries my patience (as I am sure I try his).  He is a very determined little boy.  He knows what he wants, and like most of us, he likes to get his way.  Problem is, he can’t, and he doesn’t like that very much.  So he threw a few tantrums today, (wanted to play in the sink full of water, but I got tired of holding him and it was nap time, hates diaper changes, wants to eat everything in sight, doesn’t want to wear his bib when he eats , etc. (but when he rips it off before realizing there is more yummy food he wants, it is hilarious to watch him try to shove it back under his neck—makes me laugh every time).  I was feeling exhausted and beat, but after a second trip to the park on this fabulous breezy day and watching my hubby feed El Guapo (via crazy airplane mode) I was feeling better.   Papa went to a meeting after dinner, and El Guapo and I had a great time playing hide and go seek, reading books, chasing each other, and running around.  A great end to a great day.

On that note, I will end this rambling very long post.  


  1. I'm glad you're back, and that I didn't delete your blog from my reader. :) I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to more.

  2. Welcome back! Even though I'm not a mommy yet I still like hearing about "the other side" so get to posting :)

  3. So glad you are back! You are an inspiration to me as someone who is still waiting for our match. Looking forward to reading more posts from you!

  4. Very glad to have you back!!! Thank you for this post, I think as mothers we often tend to just talk about the good times and don't openly discuss how challenging and frustrating motherhood can be at times, especially those of us who have fought so hard to become mothers in the first place but it's definitely true. Motherhood is wonderful but also pushes our patience to the limit at times.
    Hope you're recovering from the squirrel incident okay!
    Looking forward to future posts & continuing to follow your journey!