Friday, May 13, 2011

Why bother?

Many times I have wondered why I should bother filling out medical forms.  From my experience they don't seem to be read.  I cannot count the number of times I have written my medical history on forms only to have to then verbally explain it all to the nurse or doctor who has my form in front of them but didn't bother to read it.

A few weeks ago I took my little guy to the eye doctor.  On the medical history form I had to fill out there was actually a box where I could check that he was adopted.  I thought to myself,  "What a great idea.  One less thing to explain when I am asked about his medical history."  Furthermore, as I continued completing the form, when I got to the family eye history portion I clearly wrote: "Birth mother:" and then "Birthfather:"  when I wrote in familial eye information.

I guess my diligence in filling out this form was purely for my benefit and to give me something to do in the waiting room.  When the nurse was asking me about my baby's eyes, she said, "Oh, and I see that you wrote that you wear glasses and that, and that your husband is near sighted, (or whatever it was that I had put down)."  I then corrected her and told her that actually,  that information was about my son's birth parents.

She seemed a little embarrassed and flustered, but it didn't' bother me.  You see, I am used to people not reading medical records.  I do admit that seeing the "adoption box" to check on the form had gotten my hopes up that it would be read.  Oh well, that's life.

And by the way, my baby's eyes are just fine.

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  1. Delighted all is well, and yes I agree, why bother if they don't read them??