Friday, July 8, 2011

Sick :(

My little guy has been sick the last few days.  It is so sad.  Yesterday I decided to run a few errands, and less than 10 min after entering my first store, I looked down, and my little guy had barfed all over himself and his carseat/stroller.  Since then he has barfed a few more times and had a lot of diarrhea.  I happened to have a well child checkup visit scheduled for him today so that worked out well.

He barfed while at the doctor's office right before I had put him back in his newly cleaned carseat.  Thank goodness he didn't barf in it, it was difficult to take apart, clean, and then the hardest part was remembering how to put it all back together again.

My little guy has been a trooper though.  He is hanging in there, and hopefully will get some sleep tonight and feel better soon.


  1. I hope he feels better soon :(

  2. Poor baby! What did the doctor say? It's just a virus probably.

  3. Hope your boy gets well very soon. It must be hard to see your darling boy so sick. Healthy, happy days are ahead.