Friday, July 15, 2011

Strange, but true

Yesterday I went shopping--alone.

My little sidekick was at home hanging with his grandma while I was kicked out of the house.  It was very strange to be out on my own.  I just wandered around the stores taking my time.  It felt really weird.  I was reminded of how I used to feel before my little guy came along.  I was really bored.  Maybe another time I will love the free time.  Maybe because I didn't really have any errands I needed to get done and I was really just wasting time waiting until I could go back home that I felt the way I did.  Because I have left my little guy with others in the past and haven't felt the way I did yesterday. Though, I will admit, it did make it a bit easier to shop.  :)

Oh, and I think my little guy is finally finished with his bout of barfing and diarrhea.  Hallelujah.  This was one first (first sickness), that I didn't enjoy.  I have done way too much laundry for my liking this week.  And I have missed going to the pool during this heatwave we have been having.  But, I definitely didn't want to be the one with the kid who made the water murky, so we have steered clear of the pool this last week.


  1. i totally get this! my first time out without cb was so weird and i didn't know what to do with myself! but, now, i cherish it. and then give my little man many, many, many kisses upon my return. :)

  2. I'm sure there will definitely come a time when you will be happy to get out and shop on your me!! ;-)
    I stumbled on your comment about sharing your success story and wondered if you would still be interested in it. I would really appreciate it! Your son is adorable by the way!!
    Here's the link again to the info: