Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From flip flops to snow shoes

Saturday and Sunday I was enjoying the lovely winter weather outside in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops.  Today I am sitting inside watching the wind blow while the snow that fell begins to turn to ice.  I ventured out of my house once to see if the mailman had come.  Apparently he took a snow day.  I don't blame him one bit.  I was sad it was too cold to go out and play in the snow.  One of these days I will build a snowman for my little guy.  I am excited to do that.  I have built snowmen alone, with friend's kids, and with my husband all in hopes that someday I could play in the snow with my little one.  I know my little guy can't play in the snow with me yet, but soon he will, and when he does, we will have "snow" much fun.


  1. Happy snow day! We are getting your Texas weather up here in Canada...arriving any minute now!

  2. Same crazy weather here, Friday it had been in the 70's now today it's blizzard conditions! Wackiness! Hope the coupon clipping adventures go much smoother next time:)

  3. Have fun in the snow! Pretty soon your little one will join you and you will have so much more fun! I love snow and having fun with the changing seasons.