Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finding Joy in Life

I was asked to speak in church this week, and guess what my topic is?  Yep, it is Finding Joy in Life.  When I was told what I was supposed to speak about I laughed inside.  How appropriate for of all the topics I could've been asked to speak on, that this would be the one.

I am trying to gather all of my thoughts and condense them into 7 min worth of material.  A scripture and talk I was asked to reference are ones that I already wrote about in my blog here and here.  So I have been reviewing those items as well.

As you can see, I am procrastinating.

Ok, back to work.  Baby's sleeping, I need to take advantage of the little pocket of time that I have to pull this together.

Maybe you can all help me brainstorm:  How have you found joy in your life despite the challenges you face?

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