Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rice Try

This week has been filled with adventures for me and my little guy.  He started eating rice cereal.  The first time I gave it to my little guy he did not know what to do with it.  It reminded me of when a dog is fed peanut butter.  The dog just moves it around in his mouth and his tongue goes crazy and then it all drools out.  That is what happened for us and rice cereal.  I like to think that if my monkey could talk, he would've said, "rice try" to my attempts to feed him.

He has done better all of the times since then, except today.  I was feeding him in his bumbo chair where I can sit him up a bit, but he kept trying to get out of it so I went and sat on the sofa, and then held him on my lap and tried to feed him.  We have done this before, without any difficulties.  But not today.  The rice cereal spilled and made a mess.  Oh well.  I tried to clean it up and was afraid I had stained the sofa, but it is looking better now.  I am guessing this won't be the last stain my sofa gets.  I can just imagine kids throwing up on it or spilling on it, and then if they don't I'm sure I will drop something on it.  But I will think twice before I try feeding him on the sofa again.  I now have a better understanding as to why parents are so adamant that their kids not eat on the sofa or carpet.  It is hard to clean up.  


  1. Happy ICLW!

    Rice cereal sounds messy!! Hope the sofa cleans up ok, but as you said I am sure it won't be the last stain it receives in your parenting journey!

  2. Our wee girl is only three months old and already our sofa will never be the same. The cushion covers have been in the wash over and over to save hem from spit up and other bodily fluids. Such is the nature of parenthood, I guess... :)