Friday, May 21, 2010

Infertility ABCs

I got this idea from blogger sweet pea to list things from A to Z about ourselves.  Well, I first decided to do an infertility ABC and then later on in the week I will do one with stuff other than infertility.

A:  Everyone’s got advice for infertiles
B:  BFN.  Again.  Aaargh!  I am so sick of that result
C:  I don’t want a cat, I want a child
D: Infertility is a Disease
E:  Eggs.  All I need is one good egg and one little sperm
F:  I wish I was fertile
G:  I want a girl
H:  I hate being hopped up on hormones
I:  IVF--I’ve done it twice  
J:  Just relax.  Sure, no problem
K:  Keep the faith 
L:  I always wear lucky socks to the RE
M:  When will someone call me mom?
N:  Negative again
O:  If only I could ovulate
P:  Pee on a stick 
Q:  I'm on a quest to find joy while trying to build my family 
R:  My REs have made way too much money off me 
S:  I currently have Stirrupaphobia
T:  All I want for Christmas are Two pink lines 
U:  I have a unicornuate uterus.  Lucky me
V:  Vaginal Ultrasounds, I have had too many of those
W:  When will we have children?
X:  Maybe I'll name my first girl Xena Princess Warrior        
Y:  Y is infertility so hard?
Z:  Maybe someday I will have a zygote

What would some of your ABC's be?

Infertile or non infertile ABC lists are welcome.

If you like you can link your list to my very first try at a Mclinky list.
In your post you have to include a link back to this post.
This list will be open through the end of ICLW (Fri May 28th)


  1. Excellent infertility ABCs! I agree totally with 'H".


  2. Stirrupaphobia! I love that!! Great list! ICLW

  3. Fantastic list! I might try the ABC for next ICLW.

    Happy ICLW!!

  4. ohhhh, I will try but I'm so not creative that way!! I saw Sweet Pea do it and loved hers and now yours is amazing too!! If I get my creative hat on this weekend, I will give it a whirl! :)

  5. I love this list. I will be making my own, but I'll post it next week. My week's post is about the "Babies" documentary. I'll share my ABC list with you later!

  6. These are great! I LOVE the name of your blog and the concept around it. I just added your link to my blog. I did IVF 6 times (with 3 of those frozen) and I now have a 3 year old and 8 month old twins. I blog to help others "find joy on their journey." ;-) Happy ICLW! (#94 Stress Free Infertility)

  7. What a fabulous, fun list! And spot on!

    Happy ICLW!