Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back in the Stirrups

But just for one day. Phew. I had a flashback to my days of hanging out in doctor's offices and being uncovered from the waist down, and putting my legs up in stirrups.

I know I said I would never have a pap smear again, and I almost got out of it today, but I succumbed to the pressure of the medical community and had one. I went in for a physical today, hadn't had one in years. I called up a doctor my friend had recommended and was told that I could come in this afternoon if I liked. "Sure, why not" I thought. Then the receptionist said that if I wanted a pap smear with my physical I would have to come in another day. I told her, I would just have the physical today, and I was fine not having a pap smear. Well, when I got to the doctor's office the receptionist asked me if I was having a pap smear. I said, "no". Then as I was filling at forms I thought, maybe I should, my insurance only covers a physical once a year, so this was my only chance to get it. Then the nurse asked me if I was getting a pap smear, I told her no, and that I was told they couldn't do it today. She was surprised, and went to see if there was time for it. Well, what do you know, there was time, and I had one done.

While I was there I of course had to give my medical history to the doctor and explain the pelvic surgery I had for my unicornuate uterus. I told her I had infertility treatments and she asked which ones. Then she asked if I had ever tried clomid and glucophage. I hadn't. I asked why would you use glucophage, and she replied that she had heard it was a good combination. Who knows. Maybe that is just as effective as driving a 2-seater or eating pomegranetes. I don't know, and right now I am not going to research it, but just in case someone else hasn't heard of using clomid and glucophage, maybe you will want to look into it.

She asked me if I had been to any infertility specialists and I rattled off a few names. Then she started asking me if I had sisters and then if my sisters had kids, and that was when I tired of the infertility questions. All I wanted was to get my legs back down on solid ground and be on my merry way.

I survived the pap smear, I endured the family practice doctor asking me silly infertility questions, and I got my feet out of those stirrups as back in my flip flops where they belonged.


  1. Glad you made it out of the stir-ups unharmed & it's really good you got yourself checked out. Hopefully no more stir-ups for a while:)

  2. Glad you survived the pap smear. You rock. I was on glucophage and clomid, but it didn't do anything for me.

  3. I totally relate, I just had a similar experience at my PCP. My husband talked me into getting a physical, which I had been avoiding. And then I had to relate my whole infertility story not only to the doctor but also to the nurse. And then she had the gall to say in leaving that maybe I will just get pregnant on my own, she had a friend... blah blah blah, yeah I've heard the drill.