Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What does this word mean in the IF community?
It means the loss of hope, dreams, and peace.  For some it even means the loss of the life of their child.
Often these losses put us at a loss for understanding, and create a state of shock, or confusion.

In this community it seems there are always so many highs and lows of emotions.  Some people are finding out they are pregnant, others are experiencing a negative beta.  Some are adopting or giving birth, while others are miscarrying.  It is a cruel world sometimes.  You can see the breadth of it on the stirrup queens lost and found connections abound link 

We have all experienced loss to some degree, but at this time one of my sweet friends Rebecca has experienced an unimaginable loss.  Her beautiful baby girl Lillian Grace “left this world as quickly as she came” at 22 wks and 6 days.  Please let her know of your love for her during this difficult time in her life.  

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