Thursday, December 16, 2010

A great invention

has to be the drive-thru.

Now how to get grocery and retail stores to utilize them?

I had no idea how time consuming and tiring it is to take a baby in and out of a car and in and out of a store.  Without fail, by the time we get out of the house (which is a time consuming and amazing feat in and of itself), and as soon as we get to a store, my little guy is either hungry, dirty, or usually both.  So, we find a comfy spot, take a seat, and I feed and change him.  I wonder why I even bothered to try to leave the house in the first place.  I then have a small window of time to accomplish everything.

Then, like yesterday as I got him back in the car, he had fallen asleep, so I thought to myself, "hmm, should I try to run to the grocery store real quick?"  I had only been trying to get there all week.  I had my list with me, which I usually lose by the time I get to the store, but this time I hadn't.  So I went to the store, had almost finished shopping when he woke up.  I told him, we just had eggs, yogurt, and cheese left to get, so to please hang on, and then we would be on our way.

When we are out and about I always tell him the plan, but sometimes the plan changes.  He is a real trooper, and very patient while we shop, but it seems that if I try to get a few more things off the list or start to get distracted in a store, he starts to get fussy, so I tell him, "ok, you're right, I said we were just going to do these few things, thanks for keeping me focused", and then we finish up and leave.  We have fun together.

Well, while at the grocery store, I decided I wanted some icecream and then I wondered if we had milk, so I texted my hubby and we had a confusing conversation.  I asked him, "Do you need anything at the store?" and "Do we have any milk?"  He said no.  I realized I had asked him 2 questions, and only received one response.  So I asked back: "No, you don't need anything, or no we don't have milk?"  He didn't respond back, and my little guy was ready to go so I didn't get milk, but it ended up that we needed some.  So at some point I will need to make another trip to the grocery.  Just that thought exhausts me.  Maybe I will send the hubs out to get some.  

By the time I was back in the car with the groceries and baby loaded, my baby was crying.  He was ready to be back home.  And little did he know, we had one more errand to run.  While on my way to the store I had asked another sleep deprived friend if she needed me to pick up anything for her at the grocery store.  I had to swing by her house (super close to mine) and give her the eggs.  So we did.  And then we went home.  Thank goodness for pacifiers--that helped him get through those last difficult minutes of running around.

If a grocery store could just have a small drive up window where they sold a few items like gift cards, milk, eggs, bread, a few veggies, chocolate, and ice cream, that would be great.

If retail stores could even just have a drive up window where you could return an item without going into the store until a later time that would save me so much time, and be awesome.

After 3 days of running around town we are staying put the rest of the week.  Or at least until I can go out with my husband on Sat. and we can tag team some of the errands.

Although, there are some things worth getting out of the house for...

Pictures with Santa!

singing a Christmas Carol with Santa

Our fun visit with Santa yesterday was worth all the effort it took to get out of the house.   And I don't know how a drive thru Santa Claus visit would work.


  1. Cute pics. Your little guy is so cute and so good with Santa. I hope the outdoor excursions get easier.

  2. I think you can do it from Farm Fresh. Do you have a Farm Fresh? You can order online and they bring the groceries to your car.

  3. They're not kidding when they say things change when you have a baby! Your store adventures are hilarious. I hope a drive-thru grocery store window comes to a neighborhood near you soon.
    Sweet pictures with Santa!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Do you guys have a Safeway? They offer really good promotions for their grocery delivery--almost always free shipping over $50 and same prices as in the store. I think it's like a $5 handling fee or something, and you can't get quite the selection as shopping yourself, but it can sure save you on rough days/weeks. And bravo for checking with a friend to make your grocery trip work for TWO families--we mamas got to stick together!

  5. Here from ICLW. I wish grocery stores had drive-thrus too! In our county, they have actually banned any new business from putting in a drive-thru function because of some arcane zoning thing. Also, your son is adorable!

  6. Down under we even have drive through bottleshops eg places that sell alcohol, apparently this is not common in other countries LOL!

    ~Happy ICLW~

    ~May your Christmas be filled with Peace~
    ~And your New Year with Hope~

  7. Here from ICLW

    I am not sure where you live, but here in Canada we have a company called Grocery Gateway,

    Do do your shopping online then set up a delivery time and they bring it right to your door!! No having to take the baby anywhere!! My friend whose son was born at the beginning of December swore by them for the first 6 months of her son's life!!

    Happy Holidays and Happy ICLW

  8. Your son is so adorable! Hope you had an amazing Christmas with your family! May 2011 be your best year yet! Lots of love from ICLW #110.

  9. He is so cute. Drive thru groceries is a great idea.

  10. All those suggestions for on-line shopping were good! You might also look into the CSAs.

    ~Jem (ICLW #5)