Saturday, December 11, 2010

The wonders of OxiClean

There are many things I didn't know until I became a mom.  One of those is the power of OxiClean.  Now I know why Billy Mays was so passionate about this product.  It's because it works.  I love it.   My baby always seems to poop on his really cute outfits and now instead of worrying about whether or not the yellow stains will come out, I confidently go to my bottle of OxiClean and spray away.  It has become a good friend of mine.


  1. the learning never stops! Your post made me giggle. I guess laundry features centrally in your days. I hear that babies, while weighing under 20 pounds, require LOTS of change of clothes.
    Hugs to you, lovely. Always so nice to read your posts, even when they're about poop.

  2. Sounds like I need to give OxyClean a try too. I absolutely love Shout in the aerosol can. My kiddo was a serious spitter-upper for 6 months and only Shout would get it all out. Perhaps OxyClean would work the same magic.