Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smiling Session

My baby is smiling.  He has been off and on for a few weeks now, but it is really hard to catch it on camera.  He will stop as soon as I bring the camera out, and then start up again once I put it away.  And then it often seems that he decides to have a "smiling session" as my husband calls it during his 3 am feeding.  But right now we are having a smiling session and it is lots of fun.

I continue to get comments from friends about how happy I am now that I have a baby. And they are right, I am so happy.  I am having a smiling session.  I have been told that I haven't stopped smiling.  I was also told by one friend that she didn't realize how unhappy I was, because I am so happy now.  That seemed a little strange, I think it was a poor worded comment, but I am over it.  I have also been told by a friend that she did not realize how badly I wanted a baby, but now she can how much I wanted one because of how much joy and happiness my little guy has brought into my life.

It's true.  I haven't stopped smiling.  And having my little guy has brought so much joy into my life.  I am enjoying my smiling session.  I smile when I am sleep deprived or changing a stinky diaper, which I need to do right now.  :D

ooh eeh, that was a stinky and big one.  An outfit changing one.  He didn't last but 5 min in the outfit I put him in for the day.  Good thing he has more clothes than me.  :D


  1. Smiling session is a great term. I like that your lives are filled with them. I feel very inspired by how you are letting joy sink into the core of yourself. I have a hard time doing that and it's very helpful to learn from a pro.

  2. I know just what you mean. When I had my daughter I realized a very deeply entrenched anxiety that I would never be a mother was lifted and I felt like an entirely new person. Others notice it too. And when I speak about my daughter people say I beam and always comment that I must really love motherhood. And they are right, I do. I'm so glad you found your joy too!