Sunday, September 5, 2010

Triathlon tomorrow

I am a bit tired and I haven't even started my race.  I am going to hit the hay now and hope I get a little energy for tomorrow.

I am glad race day has arrived as I was getting a little tired of working out  :)

But all kidding aside, I stepped on the scale the other day and was so happy to see that I had finally lost some of that weight I put on during all of my infertility treatments.  Woo Hoo!  My clothes are fitting much better now.

I am also looking forward to going out and about with my newborn baby and having everyone tell me how fabulous I look and have them ask me how I lost all my baby weight.  I will get a good laugh about that.


  1. Thanks for the hug and kind words. Best of luck tomorrow my friend, I will be cheering you on in the virtual world & hoping all goes well. Can't wait to hear how awesome you do:)

  2. Good luck with the triathlon tomorrow! I'm sure you will do great!

    I was thinking about the baby weight thing the other day. It would be awesome for people to think that I was just super sporty for losing the weight so quickly.

  3. Good job on losing all that weight and good luck with the race!

  4. WOOOHOOO!!! HAPPY for you about losing the weighttttt...and hope you enjoyed your run! :-D

  5. Hope you did great on the triathalon!
    I guess looking and feeling fabulous when you have a newborn baby is one of the big perks of adoption!

  6. Hope the triathlon went great! That is a very great thing about adoption: no baby fat to lose and a lot of energy!