Sunday, October 3, 2010

Amazing Race

The reality show I enjoy watching is the Amazing Race.  I love to travel, I love to learn about other cultures and places, and if I can't travel, at least I can watch others do it.

This season there is a team made up of a biological mother and her daughter she placed for adoption.  The first episode was last week, and it was interesting to see them interact.  The first time they spoke on the phone was when they submitted their application and it is unclear if they met or interacted much prior to meeting up on the race.  

You can see how they are a bit unsure about how to interact with each other and they want to take advantage of this time together. 

I am looking forward to watching their relationship develop and I hope they make it far on the race.


  1. wow! how interesting! i'll have to tune in now!

  2. I don't watch tv and don't know what this show is about but that plot sounds really interesting.

  3. I totally cried at the end of the last episode. That stinks. We need to apply for the show....and come up with something catchy to get in.