Friday, October 8, 2010

Hanging in there


I could really use some cranberries and almonds to help my stress level right now. My hubby's mom is a nail biter so we keep saying that by now she has no finger or toe nails and is probably chewing on her arm.

I try to keep my mind off everything, but am not having much luck right now.
I could really use a good run or yoga class right now. Deep breathe.
I have currently resorted to chocolate and a good book. I hope that does the trick.


  1. Oh sweetie! The wait must be so hard to cope with. Maybe a trip to the grocery store for some cranberries and almonds would also help. If you were close, we would go to a yoga class together. Or I would make a class up for you (since I'm an instructor). Okay, if I made up a little sequence for you, there would be these poses. Child's pose and happy baby pose, for obvious reasons. Maybe warrior pose to tap into your strength. And then maybe legs up the wall to rejuvenate.

    Reading a book and eating chocolate sound like good things too.

    hang in there, lovely! Pretty soon, little baby boy will be with you (sparring your MIL her arms).

  2. The anxiety must be terrible. I imagine this would be the hardest part of the whole process. Hopefully it's all about to pay off big time!

  3. Good choice on the chocolate and book, although I'm sure reading is a little difficult with a racing mind!! I was just thinking about you this morning- wondering how things were going, SOON!!!

  4. I've been waiting and waiting to hear... thank goodness I'm not a nail biter! Good luck keeping the anxiety levels low. Our prayers are with you!!! :D

  5. So just noticed the 2ww puts the up and coming baby boy on my birthday. Which means he's going to be totally awesome. Hang in there friend. Love ya!

  6. Right there with you nervous & excited to meet our donor family this weekend. Hope you enjoy the book...thinking of you & sending love as well as prayers for peace, love to you!

  7. Chocolate is the way to go! And while you eat it breathe deeply and think of a calming image. Much love, Fran