Friday, August 27, 2010

What to do?

I feel like a kid in a candy shop right now.

I got some photography equipment in the mail today.  I am trying to give my photography hobby more of a go and I bought a some more knickknacks to help me in that quest.

And I got the last Hunger Games book: Mockingjay from the library.  I am so excited to read it!

Do I read or do I do photos?  I love having fun dilemmas like this.  My plans to clean the house have been thrown out the window that's for sure.

I think I will take some photos, if I start reading now, nothing will get done.  And I have too much going on right now to do that.  I hope I can resist picking the book up, it's gonna be hard now.


  1. What kind of goodies did you get? Do tell!! I love some fun toys! You should go take some pictures and come back and show us!!

  2. But if its a book from the library, you better read it now so you are finished before it needs returned. Course, reading always wins with me. :)

  3. If I had to chose between reading and photography I'd always chose photography! Which is also why I have a lot of photography books to read, but over 9,000 photos taken!