Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You bet I was.

This is my answer to the question asked of me by Jonelle on my previous post: Was I nervous about meeting the birth parents?  Oh yes.  Most definitely.

But there was no getting around it.  I needed to meet the birth parents, they needed to meet me, and that was that.  I figured we had a few things going for us, they had chosen us, so that meant they already liked us.  I liked them already since they had chosen us, so we already had a few things in common :)

All kidding aside, I wasn't too terribly nervous.  Sure, a little, but I knew I could carry a conversation with them, and we would just go in and meet them and be ourselves.  On the drive over to meet them I was a little nervous because I was afraid we would get there too early.  The social worker had told us not to be early because she was going to be meeting with them prior to our arrival.  So that gave me something else to worry about.  But I had read on some silly yahoo article that week about different foods that relieve stress.  One of those foods was almonds.  And I love eating almonds and cranberries as a little snack.  Also, I always need to eat frequently or I get headaches, so I had packed this snack along with me that weekend.

So on the drive, I was getting a little headache and a little stressed so I popped open my tupperware of almonds and cranberries and it did the trick.  :)

Ok, that wasn't the only thing that helped.  I also thought of all of you, my bloggy and IRL friends.  I thought of Rebecca and Annie's comments saying, "how could the birthparents not love me?"  I thought of Augusta and how when she went to her stressful appt w/ her RE she thought of all of us cheering her on.  So I thought of all of you.  I knew you would be rooting for me and telling me everything would work out.  Thinking of all of you helped.  A lot.  So thank you for all that you do.

Then, last but not least, I was with my dear sweet, hilarious, hubby.  I have never met anyone who doesn't like him.  He is so kind and helps people feel good about who they are.  He is also so funny.  So with him there, I knew things would work out.  And they did.


  1. Awesome!!! Forgive my ignorance - is this the first birth parent(s) you've met? We just cleared the hurdle of birth mom # 3. They DO get easier, FYI!! Hopefully you won't have to find that out. :) Did you feel like you clicked with them?

  2. Awe, I'm so glad that we all brought you some strength when you needed it, I know you've done the same for me during my difficult moments. It's amazing how knowing you're not alone in these situations helps isn't it?! I'm so happy for you guys!!!

  3. I'm glad that you took us along for the ride when you met the birth parents, and that we were able to bring you some strength. You always bring so much strength with your caring, thoughtful comments.

    Love to imagine you in the car, nervous and excited, with your wonderful husband, about to meet the birth parents, and eating almonds and cranberries. This creates a wonderful image in my mind.

  4. Oh I'm so glad you were able to manage the nervousness! I don't think I could handle the stress of it. You are awesome and I'm glad it helps to know that so many people are cheering for you!

  5. I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D

  6. Hmmm. I might have to try that almond trick!

    Glad to hear it went well.

  7. Sounds like your positive attitude also helped. Glad it went well!