Monday, January 10, 2011

Adventures in Nail and Hair Care

I have officially declared war on my son's sharp nails and cradle cap, (unaffectionately also referred to as cradle crap).

I will focus on his nails tonight.  I file them everyday but to no avail.  They keep growing, and they are always sharp.  If my little guy isn't careful, he will live with socks on his hands until he learns to stop scratching his face.  Any ideas when that might be?

I tried clipping his nails, that was quite a feat that I was unable to repeat many times.  I would wait until his was asleep, try to clip them, only to end up waking him up.

Then I started filing them, and that has worked out better.  We actually have a little system down.  While he drinks his milk, I work on his nails.  Thank goodness for the art of distraction.  But like I said, by the end of the day, or for sure by the next morning, at least one of his nails will be sharp, and my quest to keep his nails smooth continues.

Thankfully, he doesn't scratch his face too much, but I hate it when I see a fresh scratch.  I obsessively check and feel his nails to figure out which one caused the damage.  Then I find a bottle of milk and my trusty file and continue my adventures with my child's nails.

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  1. I could never do a good job with clippers when my son was that small either. Up until about the 6-8 month mark I would just peel them myself. I never tried using a file, probably because I don't even have the patience to use a file on my own nails (but thats another issue). My son is now 20 months and his nails still grow like crazy; I have to clip them once a week. Fortunately, he now sits still for me to clip them (quickly). Singing together is always a great distraction during this process too. :)