Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweating off the Sweets

That is what I am trying to do.  Unfortunately, I have been slacking lately.  My little guy keeps me pretty busy.  Every time I go to the doctor I ask when I can take him out in the jogging stroller.  I am hoping to wear her down.  I think pretty soon I will get the green light to do so.  I can hardly wait until I can take him out for a run with me.  Then I will have to get creative and come up with another excuse as to why I can't exercise.  :D

In the meantime my options are:
--to work out before my husband goes to work.  So far that has happened maybe twice.
--do indoor exercises like a yoga DVD.  So far that has happened twice.
--exercise in the evening after my husband is home.  That has also happened maybe twice.

Things are not looking too good for my exercise routine right now.  Hopefully I will kick things into gear soon.


  1. I did the YMCA for a year and it got expensive since now that we have a little one and I decided to stay home we are only on 1 income. The Y does have great childcare though. Anyway, I just recently (December) cut my gym membership and I do exercise at home before my daughter gets up. I squeeze in the eliptical & weight lifting @ 6:30am because the toddler gets up at 8. I'm only on day 4 so don't be too impressed. I also cut my Netflix to only digital and watch Netflix while I exercise because I find it boring and I bought a weight bench from someone on Craig's List. Good luck!

  2. wow, i'm impressed! i wish i was as motivated!!!

  3. I ran with Grace at 8 weeks. I'm surprised your doctor won't let you run with your little one yet! It's so nice to run with them, so you don't have to wake up early. That seems practically impossible!