Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taking time for me

That is hard for me to do lately. I am constantly watching over and caring for my little guy and either run out of time or don't make the time.

Well tonight I was making dinner and was just exhausted. I barely had the energy to eat it. Thankfully, my hubby sent me to take a bubble bath and said he would watch the little guy the rest of the night. Hip hip hooray for my hubby.

The bubble bath was so relXing and was just what I needed. I think it I need to start making time for me. I will be a much better and happier person, wife, and mother if I do that

I guess the time has come to get my butt in gear and start waking up early enough to exercise. Aaargh. It will be worth it though. I also have to take the time to eat. My baby gets to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom, so I guess I should take a turn too.


  1. Good for you! I truly believe that getting the right amount of "me time" makes me a much better wife and mother.

    And when the time comes, I'm sure you will love taking your little guy for runs with you. I sure do.

  2. It sounds so cliche, but when you're a mom, "me time" is so important. I'm still trying to make sure I remember to give myself permission to have a little every day.