Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Australia Pictures

aboriginal people making fire.  

hot air ballooning. it was beautiful.  at the end we helped put the balloon back in it's little bag

 we fed bird heads on a stick to crocodiles

hanging out with "joey"

we saw some beautiful beaches

 most koalas are sleepy

 just hiking around. 

 a local working on his tan

bondi beach

 my bruise from falling on the rocks :(

hubs at Manly Beach showing off his guns

Blue Mountain.  

 Tourist JRS

 This kangaroo has the right idea. 

 calmly feeding the cockatoos, things aren't too out of control yet...

this isn't working out. 

I'm outta here. Give me my thumb back!

 Bats hanging around in the Botanical Garden

Opera House and Sydney Bridge

There you have it, a smattering of some pics from Australia.  


  1. Oh my gosh your bruise! How could you even WALK after that? OUCH!

  2. It's so hard to distill a trip like that down to just a few pics. You did a great job!

    Sorry about your bruising. That looks like a bad one... Love all the photos of you two!

    I would LOVE to go hot air ballooning. Seems so peaceful (especially compared to bungy jumping!!). And funny Bondi Beach pic - I had a friend who was there a couple of weeks ago and posted on fb the same shot! :)

    Glad it was a great trip overall!

  3. Just have to say again how much I LOVED your pictures, what an amazing trip!

  4. Your pics are beautiful! Looks like a fun vacation.

    And, seriously, you do not have a muffin top!