Monday, April 12, 2010

What's up Down Under?

Well, Sydney is a beautiful city.  We are staying w/ friends and they have an awesome view of the Sydney opera house and harbor from their balcony.  Every night huge bats (they call them flying foxes) fly by their windows, this morning we saw them all sleeping in the trees at the botanical gardens.  It was pretty crazy.

Today we saw a cool koala and kangaroo exhibit.  I have learned all sorts of cool animal facts out here.  It also seems that we have learned all sorts of reproductive information about these animals.

  • koalas are pregnant for 35 days. And their babies are so tiny--just a few inches long.  
  • kangaroos also have a short pregnancy, but if say there is a drought or other reasons they can stop their pregnancy for a year of two and then resume it.  Who knew that they would think a month was just too long to wait for a kind.
  • snakes have 2 penises.  The ranger said they only reason they could come up w/ for that was just in case one didn't work.  LOL
  • sharks practice tough love--bite the female so they can get in position
Hope you enjoyed that little bit of trivia.


  1. Those are some crazy but interesting facts! Hope you are having a relaxing time!

  2. Very interesting trivia, that's the type of stuff you don't forget! If those questions are ever asked in a game of Trivial Pursuit I'll now be ready thanks to you:) Glad to hear you're enjoying your trip. A little something that I hope makes you smile...I nominated you for a blog award, check out my blog when you're able for details:)