Monday, April 19, 2010

Attacked by Cockatoos

So now I can add another injury to the list--bitten left thumb and scratches on my arms. 

It is my own fault, or maybe better yet, my friend's fault.  She had these pictures of her feeding cockatoos and said it was so fun and so easy.  So I decided I needed to do it.  She told me to wear a long sleeve shirt b/c their talons are sharp--I did, but it was a thin long sleeve shirt. 

Anyhow, so I had sunflower seeds in each hand, and sat down in the middle of the lot of them.  And they started climbing all over my arms and eating the seeds from my hands.  They were going nuts, jumping all over me and scratching me.  And then one flew on my head and then I decided I was done w/ this feeding the cockatoo business.  As I stood up, they flew all around me and I was shaking my arms to get them off me, but one hung on.  I looked down and realized his beak was attached to my thumb.

What was I thinking feeding these crazy looking birds?  Well, obviously I wasn't thinking. 
I'm glad I got out of there with only some scratches and a beak bitten thumb and not another bruise on my butt. 


  1. But did you at least get a picture? Please tell me you got a picture of this!! Priceless memories

  2. most definitely. that is why my friend had fun this time as well. she was cracking up and snapping pictures.

  3. OMG...I'm sorry but the thought of that mental picture had me rolling with laughter...can't wait to see that pic:)