Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Drowned Rats

Today we went to few other beaches and I came away with more sand in my suit, a huge bruise on my butt, one less pair of sunglasses and an exciting story to tell.

My hubby and I were climbing around on some rocks that the surf would break on and we decided to try to go out to the highest and closest rocks to the surf.  It was pretty cool and when the waves would break the water would just cover our ankles and occasionally our calves.   So you needed to brace yourself when the waves came because it could sweep your feet out from under you.  There were also channel and pools in between the rocks.  So as we made our way back we needed to jump from one area to another.  As we were getting ready to do that a big wave came and swept our feet out from under us.

I am always most in awe of the power of the ocean when I am stuck in a huge wave and getting tossed about like a little rag doll.  We were thrown in between the huge rocks into a narrow channel and started trying to get back to the surface and avoid getting a concussion from being thrown at the rocks at the same time. 

My hubby was hanging on to me to keep me safe but it was keeping me from swimming.  When I finally got my head to the surface I yelled, "let go".  and then I was able to swim more freely.  My hubby gets sunburned so easily, and we saw his hat rushing away so we swam after that.  I saw him holding his flip flops and I realized that mine were no longer on my feet.  I was holding my sunglasses and saw they were broken. 

We slogged unto shore--our clothes dripping wet.  We were a mess.

But we had survived. 

But I needed to find my flip flops.  My mother in law had bought them for me before my trip because I couldn't find "the flop to my flip"--or in other words one of my flip flops before the trip.  So I scrambled back on the rocks.  My hubby yelled, "stay off those rocks".

I replied, "ok" and continued on my search.  Luckily there was my flip and then my flop sitting on the rocks.

I have the biggest bruise on my butt.  It is so sore.  Picture to be posted later.

What a wipeout we had today.

The day ended with me laying on a grassy part by the beautiful Bondi Beach sleeping peacefully until a big white dog ran over my forearm.  At least there is no bruise to be seen there.

It was definitely a memorable day.


  1. It sounds like you are having the trip of a lifetime! Enjoy every second of it!

  2. Sheesh girl, be careful!!! Love ya. :)

  3. Sounds like you are having GREAT adventures. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love hearing about your excursions ! Again, I am jealous !!