Thursday, November 4, 2010

National Adoption Month

I was excited to find out that November is National Adoption Month, with Nov 20th being the specific day in that month to celebrate adoption.

I am so grateful for adoption and that in enabled me to have our beautiful baby in our home.  I just love him so much.  I am so grateful to his great birthparents.  They are wonderful people and we are happy to have them in our lives as well.  

I was looking at a website about National Adoption Month and it had some good ideas about how to celebrate it.  I thought I would share those with you.  

--celebrate your child's heritage through food, stories, culture, etc
--blog about it  (done)
--sent a thank you letter to your adoption agency
--develop a family tradition
--get together with other members of the adoption triad and learn their stories.  (I think that would be interesting.  I know some people who are adopted and I would love to hear their stories)
--make a family tree 
--scrapbook.  (I really need to do that)
--watch a movie about adoption.  
--mentor kids "aging out" of the foster system
--write in your journal about your adoption experience (that was my idea)
--invite the media to cover your adoption event.  (first I need to come up with an adoption event.  Any ideas?)
--attend an adoption support group.
--talk to your kids about adoption.  (that could apply to those who are adopted and those who aren't--to increase awareness)
--make a lifebook for or with your child
--donate items to family child services.
--send a letter or gift to birthparents  (my idea)

I would like to do some of these things to celebrate our child's adoption.
Do you have any other ideas?  


  1. Adult adoptee in reunion with my first family for 20 years...

  2. - Read books by members of the adoption constellation. An excellent list is available at:

    - Movie recommendations: Watch for PBS showing of this in your area!

    Also see:

    - Blogs by adoptees, adoptive and birth parents, and many excellent articles etc., can be found at:

    Watch the films with your kids. They will open the door for great discussions as will any reading you do! There is a wealth of material available....and not all of it celebrates the joys of adoption. Some of it graphically details the tragedy, the pain and loss that every adoption begins with. That too is part of adoption and needs to be recognized, grieved and mourned.

    Mirah Riben, author, THE STORK MARKET: America's Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption Industry

  3. For National Adoption Month, we are hosting an Adoption Blog Hop. We would love for you to add your story! (#5) Then tell your readers about it!