Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sock Monkey Hat Weather

I love sock monkey hat weather.  There were some ups and downs today, so being able to be out and about with this little guy in his awesome sock monkey hat made my day.  Every time I looked at him I would just break out into a grin.   Doesn't he looks so good in it?  There is nothing more I can say than that.  I will let the pictures do the talking.  I figured laundry folding could wait awhile longer, I wanted to post these pictures for all of you to see.

my wise sock monkey on Halloween.

Hooray for sock monkey hat weather!

Rebecca, thank you for the wonderful gift of your friendship and the cool sock monkey hat for my little guy!


  1. He looks SO adorable in that cute hat! A perfect hat to wear in your family, I gather. Thanks for foregoing folding the laundry in favor of posting these awesome pictures.

  2. Awe, I love how adorable he looks in it and I'm so happy it fits him so well! It makes me smile to look at him in it too:) No thank you for your friendship, you have been such an amazing support through some of the absolute worst moments of my life and I am thrilled to see you so happy. Have a good sock monkey hat day my friend:)

  3. He looks so comfortable and warm, and sooooo CUTE :D Jen

  4. He looks SO cute and chubby. :-D He must have been feeding so well he he...what a cute hat, too!

  5. So incredibly cute! Im especially fond of the hat, since we dressed our little man as a sock monkey for Halloween :)