Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Nursery

I realized I never showed you pictures of the nursery.  My brother did an amazing job in pulling everything together.  I love our little guy's room.  We of course decided to go with a monkey, zany, fun theme, so he can enjoy this room for many years. 

This hangs above his crib.  My brother came up with the amazing idea of having a monkey vine for all of the monkeys to hang from.

I like the dog hooks under the mirror on the edge of the photo.
I also like the barrel of monkeys we have hanging from the ceiling fan.
I have also put some monster vinyls decals on the wall by the chair that match the pillow and fill the space nicely.

this is his changing pad on top of his dresser, with more monkeys to look at.

Not a stellar picture of us, but I wanted to show the cool light we have in the room and the finger puppets behind my husband.  I collect them and like to keep a few in my bag when a kid is restless and needs something fun to play with.  My brother came up with this fun way to display them all.

A close up on some of the finger puppets.

It is such a fun room to spend time in.  I love how it turned out. 


  1. That is an AWESOME nursery! What a lucky little boy!

  2. oh, how fun! i love the finger puppets!

  3. What a fun, zany, warm and totally cool nursery. I love all the great details. It's a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing those with us, Joie (this is joy in French, my new nickname for you derived from your reader who called you Mrs. Joy).

  4. Love it!! Thanks for sharing! Got some good ideas. I wish I could spend time in that room! It looks magical! :)

  5. I LOVE the nursery, you guys did an amazing job, it looks fabulous!!!

  6. This is SO adorable! Have you seen the new sock monkey motif stuff at Target? Even though we've never met, it reminded me of you.

  7. I love the nursery! It is super cool. Love finger puppets too! I buy them whenever I find them for my nephew...he loves them!