Friday, January 29, 2010

Edible Subject & TX winter

I have been trying to improve my photography skills of late. I would prefer to have a cute kid to take pictures of, but that isn’t possible at this time. Rob and I get tired of taking pictures of each others, and I have realized that I really don’t like taking close ups of my face. I have been trying to coordinate with some of my friends, but something keeps coming up:either a kid is sick, needs a nap, or mom overbooked her schedule. No worries though.Someday I will either get a kid of my own to subject to my endless picture taking, or once I get good, people will be knocking on my door to get me to take their picture. I better get to work on getting good.

It is winter here in TX, so everything is dead or brown, so I went looking for something colorful and look what I found.I have always loved sprinkle donuts. They just look so happy and they always cheer me up. And the added bonus was that I would be able to eat it after photographing it.

my happy donut-- going, going, GONE!

That same day I also took some pictures of the sunrise at the lake and I liked how this one turned out. One thing about winter here that I like is how the tress have such personality with all of their branches showing.

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