Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 01/01/10

That is a fun date to write. I kept getting it mixed up all day on documents I was writing on. I had a great day, a busy day with work, but great at the same time.

I met some fun people today. As a nurse, I am always interacting with different people, and it is nice to run into some really wonderful people. One man was a total crack up. Everything was a joke to him. When I knocked on the door to go in his wife's room he said, welcome, come on into our mansion. I told him, "I like what you've done to the place" (it was just a normal hospital room), he laughed and laughed. The whole day was like that, all day I enjoyed walking into that room and really appreciated his sincere handshake at the end of their stay thanking me for the care his family had received while there.

Later, on my way home I stopped at the grocery store. I like going through the old school checkout as opposed to the self check b/c for one thing, I can just stand there, and secondly, I get to talk to the young teenagers working there. There are so genuine and fun to talk to. The bagger was wearing pink gloves and asked me if I liked them, I told him, no, not really, he laughed and said, well my manager gave them to me to wear today. We chatted back and forth, then he took one off and said he would go MJ (michael jackson) style, I told him, that would be much cooler. He laughed.

I had a great day interacting with people and felt happy to be alive.

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