Sunday, January 31, 2010

Party in the Boots

During the winter I wear boots to church most every Sunday. And since nobody can see my legs I like to wear crazy socks under them. So my husband and I call it “party in the boots”. You gotta have some fun when looking all nice at church. On our double date the guys had given each of us a pre-Valentine gift because just like how the moon was closer, Valentine's day was getting closer and they just loved us so much they couldn't wait that long. Aaaah, how sweet. So, today I got to wear my new heart socks my hubby had given me on wolf moon friday and had a rockin' party in the boots.

I remember when I went to the doctor last year for what ended up being my last IUI. It was actually right around Valentine's Day last year too. So, just for kicks I decided to wear my Valentine's day socks that said "hug me sweetie" with x's and o's all over them. After all, this was as romantic a conception as we could hope to get, and by golly I was going to make it special. I wish I had brought candles and asked my doctor to dim the lights as well, but I didn't want to overdo it. But my husband, the doctor, and I all had a good laugh when I put my feet up in the stirrups that day.


  1. Hey lady, discovered your blog through LFCA & I love it! Loved the bit about the party in your boots...freaking hilarious & completely love the reminder to find joy throughout this journey! Thanks for sharing your story:)

  2. Thanks for visiting me & the well wishes. No I don't have EMLA cream...what is it, do tell please!

  3. Emla cream will numb the area for your IM (intramuscular shot) it has some lidocaine in it and stuff. You just put it on (use like some medical tape and plastic wrap so it is right next to your skin) 30 min before your shot and it will numb the area. It really works. Ask your doctor to prescribe you some. My 1st IVF my MD wanted me to do those shots and he just automatically prescribed it.