Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 2 seater

Thank you for all of your comments.  It is so nice to know that you guys know what I am going through and I have someone to laugh and groan about all this with.

I seriously laughed about that 2 seater car comment all day.  I think I'll go test drive some 2 seater cars this weekend.  I can see it now, me and my hubby cruising on a romantic drive, and then as we turn the corner and look at the beautiful scenery,  all of a sudden I'll be pregnant.  What was I thinking spending all the money on infertility when I could've gotten a baby and a sweet ride all at the same time.  I will have to go thank my neighbor for sharing this advice with us.  Where was he 4 yrs ago?

Anyhow,  You guys are great!  Hope you all have a great day tomorrow.

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  1. I don't know where to comment bc I just found you and read all your postings. I LOVE them and feel like I love you already! THANK YOU for your positivity, your honesty, your humor and for sharing your hard feelings.

    I feel like I share so many of the same things. And love your aspects on religion too. I started blogging just a few weeks ago bc I needed an outlet and none of my fertile friends understand. I'm glad I found you!

    I'm so sorry for the idiot neighbors who gave you 'advice'. Yuck. You don't deserve that. And good for you for doing the hard thing by going to that baby shower. We're traveling this weekend to see a newborn family friend and I'm dreading it and trying at the same time to be somehow positive.

    Anyway, found you via Rebecca at http://roadlesstraveledblog.blogspot.com/ & will continue to read you!