Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taco Champions of the World

Today we had a good friend over for dinner and we were declared the "Taco Champions of the World".

Our friend, is so great.  He always asks my husband, "how is your beautiful wife?"  and when holidays are coming around he encourages my hubby to buy me a scented candle.  He is so fun.

Anyhow, whenever we have him over to dinner we compare our food vs his mom's.  And so far we are doing pretty good.  He has declared our BBQ chicken pizza to be better than his mom's.  (But we can never tell her).  She has us beat on the banana bread.  But, we have now added another winning food to the list.  Our corn tortilla tacos with spanish rice was a winner tonight.

Our friend these last few weeks has been sampling the cuisine of a few of our other friends in the neighborhood and so we asked him who the best cooks are.  He was smart, and wouldn't answer that question.  So we rephrased it:  What has been one of his favorite meals that he has eaten in his friends' homes.  And guess what he said?!  Our tacos!!  We were ecstatic.  Mr. R and I were cheering, and hooting and hollering!  It was great.

Then we broke into song.  R started playing "We are the Champions" on his guitar and we changed the words to "We are the taco champions of the world".  It was so fun.

You can see Mr. R playing the guitar, and our friend started playing the drums using the pitcher and serving utensils.  

What a great night.  Loved it. 

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