Thursday, February 25, 2010

Measuring UP to Wonder Women

I was visiting with a friend today and we were talking about all of the talented ladies in our church.  Here is a list of their talents:

  • photography, graphic design on the computer, gardening, composting, canning, (I went to a composting and canning workshop last week--crazy I know, but really interesting), wood working, cooking, crocheting, & sewing to name just a few of their talents.  

They are wonder women.  And sometimes when we take each of their talents it is easy to feel like a nobody and that we don't measure up.  But I figure they need someone to go to their classes and workshops, so that is my talent--Supporting them and learning from them.  The other nice thing is that all of these ladies are so willing to share their talents.  I guess I can teach everyone to turn their socks into monkeys and strange creatures.

When I was little, Wonder Woman was popular and my sister and I would pretend play.  Unfortunately, since there was only one Wonder Woman, and I was the younger sister, I was always Wonder Woman's sister.  So I guess that is what I get to do now,  be all of these Wonder Women's sister.  I guess that's better than nothing.

I wonder, (ha ha ha, no pun intended), if Wonder Woman will let me borrow her red boots.  They are pretty sweet.


  1. You are wonder women with all your wittiness! BTW, thanks for your super kind words on my blog, you're too good to me:)

  2. Awesome! My brother and I used to draw our Wonder Woman and Spider Man outfits on paper, color them, cut them out and then tape them to us! This brought back that nice memory!

  3. Ha I love it. Nice connection. My sister always got to be Annie and always I had to be Molly the littlest orphan girl.