Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Questions

While "W" (my hubby) and I have been watching the Olympics we have had a few questions, maybe you can answer them for us.

  1. How do the bobsledders get into their onesies?  We think they use mayonnaise to slip into them.  Side note--I think onesies should really just be worn by babies.  I'm just saying.  
  2. Who is Bob Costas' plastic surgeon?  Do you think he will look the same in the next Olympics?  Or do you think he has discovered the fountain of youth?
That's all the questions I have for now, but I'm sure I will come up with some more.  

We lost internet access for 2.5 days.  It was terrible.  I am so glad to have the internet back up and running. I feel pathetic, and I realize that I am addicted to the internet, so thank goodness my withdrawals have come to a close.


  1. I totally agree with Bob. I am not sure who is plastic surgeon is. But he always looks the same.

  2. thanks for the laughs! really needed it and will point someone else here who really needs it! :)

  3. Completely agree on the onesies!!! You poor thing, I would have been in complete withdrawal too, I'm Rebecca & I'm an internet addict:)

  4. Bravo-- two very important questions. Personally, I'm endlessly curious about curlers and their footwear. Thanks for the laugh and happy ICLW. :)

  5. I think Bob Costas has the same pact with the devil that Dick Clark had for so many years. It simply isn't possible for someone to look that young for that long.


  6. I've read a whole bunch of your posts, but I chose to comment here because I have an Olympics question. Chances are that it will piss someone off (hopefully not you). Why is curling a sport? It doesn't seem to be in the least athletic. As far as I can tell, it's a rather silly looking game for grownups. Whoever petitioned the Olympics into accepting curling as a sport must be laughing behind her/his hand.

    You sound like fun. I like your cooking contest (the other people don't actually know you are comparing their food to yours, right?). The sock monkey thing is fun. I have a friend in the States who collects sock monkeys so I am always on the look-out for them. Do you know anything about PG Tips tea? They have a talking sock monkey in their TV ads and sometimes they do a giveaway with the tea. That's my next purchase for her.

    Happy ICLW! Lisa (ICLW #34 Your Great Life)