Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Facebook friends

bring me joy, especially when one of them is my brother.  He is so funny and makes me feel good about who I am.  I was starting to get mad at him because he hadn't answered my friend request.  If he didn't want to be my friend, then fine, be that way.  But tonight I was going to let him know how I felt about him snubbing me.  What aspects of his life was he trying to keep from me?  Anyhow, I am now his friend.  If only he knew how close he came to being blocked from my facebook list.  So there!  He is a lucky guy.  And now I will be able to track his every move.  He became my 109th facebook friend and I am feeling very loved right now.


  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog...it gave me a much needed laugh, thinking about a party in the stir-ups:)
    BTW...I love your about me, you're so correct that it's easy to forget all the other aspects of our lives while wrapped up in IF & important to find joy where & when we can..thank you:)
    Also I'd love to add you as a friend on FB (my e-mail is rebecca.keunen@gmail.com)...can I be your 110th? :)

  2. I see you got the LFCA clicker to work...yeah!!! Just had to tell you again how much I loved the picking up the embryos from the day care comment & if you don't mind I think I might just use that line in my blog tomorrow, of course giving you credit:)