Tuesday, February 16, 2010


 I was feeling a bit sad about my infertility and my childless family yesterday.  I didn't plan my day well and got stuck in cyperspace.  I think I am over Facebook.  I have been over it for awhile, but now I really am.  I am tired of looking at pictures of pregnant people on it.  The worst was yesterday when someone posted "look at my pregnant belly" along with 4 pics of her belly.

Oh well, whatever.

I decided to watch the Olympics for a bit hoping it would cheer me up.  I was not disappointed.  The women's XC skiing was in full swing.  And as I listened to the reporters I just started cracking up.

Reporter #1 talking about the Finnish skier, "She's losing time to [the Estonia skier] since the 5K mark"
Reporter #2 replied, "So what does that tell you?"
Reporter #1:  "She's slowing down."

I laughed out loud.  It was hilarious.  Sometimes these reporters are so ridiculous.

And sometimes they are so annoying.  I hate how they latch onto a story and won't let it stop.  I feel bad for Lindsey Jacobellis who just got DQ'd in snowboard cross.  They will never let her forget that she fell and lost her gold last Olympics, and now they will never let her forget that she got DQ'd today by going off course.  They focus on the one unfortunate aspect of your life and they never let up.

I wonder if we do that to each other sometimes.  We so easily remember each other's mistakes and weaknesses and refuse to look past them.  Anyhow, that's my deep thought for today.

But I do love watching the Olympics.  The ice skating, speedskating, snowboarding, skiing, and all of the inspiring stories of the athletes.

My hubby and I love to pretend we are the commentators and say silly things like: gorgeous spin, beautiful lines, that's gonna be a deduction, etc.  The Olympic Spirit is alive and well in our home.


  1. Ha! That's funny, I was thinking along the same lines when watching the Olympics this weekend!! Also, I second your facebook fed-upedness (is that a word? probably not). That's when I click over and lose myself in a totally insane, useless game (not really...but facebook is full of those!)! Take care of yourself, I hope you have a good week!

  2. I hear you on the facebook stuff... I've gotten to hiding some friends who only post about pregnancy or babies. My very close friends, I want to know about, but the randoms who just make me upset about the whole thing, well, them, I hide them. Makes it easier.

    Glad the Olympics was your 'joy' yesterday!

  3. I wonder if pregnant belly lady was really pregnant or just fat? you know, if you can't hide it, flaunt it! >:) Ugh, we don't want to see your belly. Really. Anyway, I love the Olympics too. I just happen to think Bob Costas is a cotton-headed ninny-muggins. Ah well, I'll get over it and dive into my once-every-four-years fascination with sports I forget exist, like the nordic cross and biathlon. Go team!